Would you use your retirement fund to travel the world? (This couple did…)


So, the fabulous travel show, The Ticket – on DubaiEye 103.8 – kindly invited me back to the studio earlier this week for the Word Travel segment. Thanks Stef and Mark!

So, this is the story that I talked about on the show. It’s a piece about an older woman, Lynne – a writer in her seventies – and her husband Tim, also in his seventies – who are using the bulk of their retirement fund to travel the world. Pretty awesome, right?

Since the story came out on The Wall Street Journal in 2012, Lynne and Tim have had loads of coverage (and travelled to many incredible places!), being featured on ForbesUSA Today, Yahoo! Finance and more. Lynne has even penned a book about their travels. (It’s called Home Sweet Anywhere and you can buy it here…)

So, would you use your retirement money to travel the world? Take a listen to the segment below and let me know your thoughts at (if you like).

Feeling inspired? You can get in touch with Lynne on her website and Facebook page.

Chat soon!