Who Is Scribe ?

Angela Boshoff Hundal – Head of Copy & Creative Director

If there’s one thing that Angela loves (aside from a strong cup of English breakfast tea) it’s the written word. Angela founded Scribe when she spotted several mistakes in emails, brochures, pamphlets, books (the list goes on!) around Dubai and realised that what the city needed was, well, Scribe.

Today she works with some of the world’s hottest, most experienced writers and editors to create the kind of copy that your brand deserves. She also partners with talented and experienced designers, developers, Arabic translators, public relations executives and other creatives to give your brand a holistic media service, if that’s what you’re looking for. Get in touch with Angela here.

Meet the rest of Scribe’s crazy-talented team.

Fatima Zahid
Junior writer

“My favourite word is guacamole; it just sounds cute, you know? If I had a koala, a kitten or a puppy I’d name it that for sure. Great, now I want all three (and nachos).”

Meet Fatima. She fell for the magic of words at a young age. A profound love for reading kids’ books – the classics and more modern tales – transformed itself into a passion for writing (and making up pretty awesome stories for younger siblings at bed time!).

Today, Fatima‘s passion translates into, well, everything really – from social media content to website copy, press releases to media articles and everything in between. Fatima joined Scribe’s team after garnering experience working in a government PR office, a women’s empowerment NGO, and a private events company.

Deidre Donnelly

“The phrase I’m most likely to start a conversation with? ‘I recently read…’. I’m unashamedly addicted to reading copy of all kinds – which is a good thing. Every writer (and researcher) is first a reader.”

Deidre has over ten years of experience working on copy for print and, more recently, online. After she got her MA in Cultural & Media Studies, she entered the (sometimes) glamorous magazine industry. For many years, she worked for O, The Oprah Magazine in South Africa, starting as copy editor and eventually venturing into senior features writer and books editor roles. (Yes, she’s met the Queen of Talk, and a bunch of famous writers.) When she decided to go out on her own, she freelanced for several media houses – think Condé Nast, John Brown South Africa and Oxford University Press. When she’s not writing, she’s editing other people’s writing, appraising book manuscripts, lecturing in copywriting, studying the human mind… and practising the elusive art of cat whispering.

Ahoy there!
This could be you.

Are you a talented writer, designer, developer, translator or other creative who thinks out of the box and loves coming up with fresh, innovative ideas? Be in touch; Scribe is always looking for new people to collaborate with. Chat soon!