Founder Angela Boshoff Hundal talks travel writing on The Ticket on Dubai Eye 103.8


Last week, I headed off for a chat on the radio show The Ticket, hosted by Stef Burgon and Mark Lloyd on Dubai Eye 103.8, to talk about travel writing. I’ve had an awesome response from people who listened to the segment, which prompted me to write a three-part blog series about (drum roll) travel writing. You’re welcome! Keep an eye on Scribe’s blog every Tuesday over the next three weeks… Read More


Facebook: Balancing paid and unpaid posts for optimum exposure

Social Media

Unless you’re a social media buff who is on Facebook all the time, the networking site can be a little intimidating. That’s especially true for small-to-medium size businesses that may not have the budget to hire someone to look after their page full time. Over the past few months I’ve noticed that while a lot of Scribe’s clients understand what Facebook is and know the potential it offers their businesses… Read More