Things to know about volunteering

Want to travel and volunteer at the same time? Read this…


Last week I headed off to talk to Stef, Mark and Zahra on #TheTicket on Dubai Eye 103.8 for my regular monthly segment, Word Travel, where I touch on a travel-related article that I like that month. While the piece I chose (you can read it here) wasn’t about beautiful beaches, azure waters and exotic adventures (not directly, anyway), it touched on something that seems to be on trend at the moment: travelling… Read More

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Part three of becoming a travel writer


Take a look at part one of Angela’s travel writing series here, and part two here. Today’s blog – the third and final part – talks about how to make money while travel writing. Have fun! Unless you’re Bill Bryson, you’re probably not going to become a millionaire through travel writing. But you should still keep writing if you’re a passionate writer. In Dubai, most magazines pay about Dhs1 per… Read More