London Calling

Great songs inspired by great cities…


We haven’t updated this blog in a while. Naughty! We also haven’t posted about the segment that we do on The Ticket on Dubai Eye 103.8 in a while. Naughtier! We have a few segments in the queue now (it’s been a few months!), but we’ll start with this one because it’s one of our favourites. This The-Ticket segment is all about great songs inspired by great cities. Pop on… Read More


That one time I got lost in the Amazon…

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I joined Dubai Eye 103.8’s The Ticket team today for my regular #WordTravel segment, to talk about a few articles I’d read regarding virtual reality and its role in – you guessed it – travel. We did eventually get to that, but we started off the segment chatting about one of the scariest things that’s ever happened to me: getting lost in the Amazon. That’s the jungle, not the electronic… Read More


Saudade: A story for the children with no homes


I’m not entirely sure how to start this post, to be honest. I want to write something meaningful – lovely even, if such a word can be used to describe this sort of topic – but I just can’t find the right words; they seem too shallow for the point I want to make. Let me give you a heads up, though. If you’re feeling sad and anxious and would… Read More


Scribe’s fabulous Singapore guidebook…


Well, hi there! The Scribe team is super proud to finally showcase the fabulous guidebook that we did for the Singapore Tourism Board – from conceptualisation to design, writing copy to taking care of print and the distribution of 50,000 copies in the UAE’s Al Bayan newspaper. It was such a fun project to work on; we can’t wait to do more just like this. We did a radio interview… Read More


Fancy a cheeky break?

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Fancy a cheeky break? Well, you might want to check out Puerto Rico or Taiwan. I spoke to The Ticket on Dubai Eye 103.8 recently about why these fabulous getaways are the ones to head to this winter. Take a listen… Oh, and happy travels!


Eight spooky travel spots to get your creep on…


You may have heard me on Dubai Eye 103.8’s show, The Ticket, talking about creepy places to travel to. Well, to be honest, those places weren’t really my idea… I was inspired by this piece I read on Mashable, and because I’m such a horror fiend (or at least I like to think that I am), I wanted to share them with the 0.87 per cent of the rest of… Read More


Would you use your retirement fund to travel the world? (This couple did…)


So, the fabulous travel show, The Ticket – on DubaiEye 103.8 – kindly invited me back to the studio earlier this week for the Word Travel segment. Thanks Stef and Mark! So, this is the story that I talked about on the show. It’s a piece about an older woman, Lynne – a writer in her seventies – and her husband Tim, also in his seventies – who are using the bulk… Read More


Facebook: Balancing paid and unpaid posts for optimum exposure

Social Media

Unless you’re a social media buff who is on Facebook all the time, the networking site can be a little intimidating. That’s especially true for small-to-medium size businesses that may not have the budget to hire someone to look after their page full time. Over the past few months I’ve noticed that while a lot of Scribe’s clients understand what Facebook is and know the potential it offers their businesses… Read More